September 29

09/30/13: Diverse Elders / 7 Arrows


7 Swords Arrows Medicine Woman

This rendition of the Seven of Arrows (Swords) from the Medicine Woman deck gives us a different twist to the traditional meaning of unseen or sneaky for the Seven of Swords.

When we’re looking to create meaning in our lives, realize there are as many “answers” as there are people we can ask! Sure, look to wise folks for help in your seeking. Just take what works for you, what is YOUR truth, and leave the rest. Perhaps the truth is not right for you, or the time is not right for you to accept a particular tidbit into your personal worldview. Either way, if it doesn’t resonate with you, then you don’t really own it.

Take what you can use and release what’s not needed. Then the advice of a diversity of spiritual elders can serve well, but you retain your personal power throughout the process.

Do you seek insight from a variety of traditions?

Medicine Woman Tarot
Carol Bridges

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Medicine Woman Tarot, Seven of Swords

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