September 10

09/10/11: Discerning Doubletalk | The Magician


magician“We should not fret for what is past, nor should we be anxious about the future; men of discernment deal only with the present moment.” –Chanakya

Today’s Tarot is the Magician or the Magus of Power, associated with Mercury. The Housewives Tarot portrays an oft-ignored incarnation of Mercury—the trickster! We certainly wouldn’t be giving Mercury his due if we didn’t acknowledge him as a smooth talker, although he’s not especially angling for notice. Like any good magician, he’s not going to draw attention to any slight of hand.

When you see the Magician, know the power IS in your hands—in what you think, say and understand. This is true whether we’re looking at what other people are saying to you or even more important, what you’re saying to yourself. It’s all about discernment.

Clarity of intent and due attention to the fine print allows you to see through the hype and direct your emotional expenditures accordingly. Nobody talks you into something you’re not willing to be talked into.

Are you feeling the Magician?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. Hi Dixie et al. Missed you guys. It’s not easy when the trickster goes toe to toe with the illusionist. It’s all been latin to be me lately. Why does it seem that although you really don’t want to be talked into something you don’t want, why is so hard to stand your ground????

    1. I’m thinking Water has tendency. “Standing ground” is really more of an Earth trick, you know? Maybe accessing your own Earth vibe, grounding before the fact…

  2. “Clarity of intent and due attention to the fine print allows you to see through the hype and direct your emotional expenditures accordingly. Nobody talks you into something you’re not willing to be talked into.”

    It was started with my daughter being the biggest Magician with smoke & mirrors then I talked myself into it to where I became the gerbil on the wheel, headband and all, focusing on the future versus enjoying the present.

    Wise words Dixie, very wise words.

    1. Sometimes, there’s a huge drive to secure the future. I understand it. I just think it’s often misdirected, because it’s largely ineffectual. The future IS secured in the present. The present is the only moment we have any real power to impact.

      1. Wise words my friend VERY WISE!!! I think having a vivid imagination doesn’t help. It’d also be much better if I stayed in MY present versus another’s future – real or imagined. LOL

  3. Lost comment From sofie –
    “See through the hype…”

    One of my dad’s favorite metaphors was the image of everyone jumping off a cliff, and “that doesn’t mean that you have to just because everyone else is doing it… that doesn’t make it right.”

    Standing up for what you know is right was imprinted upon me from early on by his repetition of that phrase.

    Later I heard about the lemmings… they were the ones doing the jumping. I guess they’re like little field mice who follow each other mindlessly, as a giant mass going over that popular cliff.

    :mouse: :mouse: :mouse: :mouse: :mouse: :mouse: :mouse:

    It has been a life lesson, because the majority opinion among various groups of people in my life has been very often completely wrong. They don’t have the facts, but they are quick to judge, as a gossipy group. I have to stand my ground, or I will have to judge myself as caving in to something that I believed was unethical just to fit into a superficial group.

    I don’t wish to be confrontational, but I need to be strong inside, and quietly know that I will keep trying to maintain integrity.


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