August 17

08/18/13: Price of Success / Reversed Nine of Cups



“Be careful what you wish for, you may get it” is the phrase that comes to mind on seeing this reversed Nine of Cups (Water).

It’s the morning-after kind of feeling, when you just got your diploma, or said your vows, or moved into your new house. It’s the “What now?” Is it overwhelming?  Is it what you expected? Did it not solve what you thought it might? Did it change things you didn’t realize would change?

Sometimes getting exactly what you wanted does NOT leave you feeling exactly the way you wanted. While the Nine of Cups is considered a card of contentment and wish fulfillment and positive even inverted, I do look at the reversal as indicative of something unexpected  and potential bothersome coming along with the good.

Realize every milestone has costs as well as gifts and more importantly, it can initially be impossible to tell the difference. Maybe it’s just me being all Pollyanna, but I’m inclined to think even in the costs, lurks gifts. Notably, those nasty ol’ nemeses “personal growth” or “hard earned wisdom” often shows up. Damn them, anyway.


Can you relate to this feeling? Can you find gifts within the costs?

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Gaian Tarot, Nine of Cups

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  1. So true. I got asked yesterday if I would be able to take a shift in electronics today – of all things! This is going to be a catastrophe, because I have no clue, but I need the hours.

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