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06/02/03: Word Warrior / Knight of Swords



Sometimes, it’s very interesting to watch the daily progression of cards for the Everyday Tarot. Sadness at what was lost, followed up by the hard work of rebuilding, and taking control of the big picture. Life is moving fast!

Today we’ve got the Knight of Swords riding in, and I am seeing him as being on a mission. Like all Tarot Knights, he tends to be rather idealistic (and sometimes, impetuous). He’s single minded. He has his sword drawn, and this Knight’s sword is most often comprised of words. An agreement, a verbal argument, a clear idea, or even a contract serve as his weapon.

Maybe you’re the Knight and you know the job you have to do. If so, stay focused but realize, not everyone has the clarity of purpose you do. Some patience may help! Slow down as much as necessary for others to hear you. It’s easier gaining converts than slaying those who oppose.

Maybe the Knight is simply coming to visit you. If you find yourself at odds with him, listen carefully to what he has to say, and always resort to logic and reason for backup in argument. That’s what he’s best able to hear. He won’t shy from discord but he won’t take it personally, either. To him, business is business and nothing more, even when he approaches his business like a mission.

You’re also in good stead cutting away the irrelevant and getting to the core issues. This guy favors surgery to a “wait and see” approach. So you’d be advised to start with the basics and work your way out from there. He’s especially fast-moving (although all the Knights are pretty swift), so be ready for quick turnaround in whatever realm he’s addressing. That is neither good nor bad, but may be helpful to know.

Are you feeling this Knight’s energy?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Knight of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite

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