March 15

03/16/13: Scrap the Snark / 5 Wands, Page Swords



When overwhelmed with stressors, it’s easy to become careless. Remarks may be more cutting than intended. Unintended consequences from even off-hand remarks could be an issue. Childish behavior is quite possible. Don’t get annoyed and snap and for God’s sakes, watch those 60/40 jokes (60% joke, 40% smack). Hilarity does not ensue!

Take challenges on ONE at a time, carefully thinking each through to avoid overload. Weigh words before speaking and focus on your own chores to fare best.

Can you feel the impulses pulsating?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Five of Wands, Housewives Tarot, Page of Swords

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  1. “Weigh words before speaking and focus on your own chores to fare best.”

    That’s exactly what I need to do right now. Keep my mouth shut and focus on my chores. Thanks for the support!

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