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02/16/13: Righteous Company / The Devil


Well, okay, it’s the Devil! (Stop groaning, Garnet. Har!) But if nothing else, this is a very nice compliment message to the Weekly Tarot Forecast where we were talking about how the people around you reflect your own energy, along the same lines as discussed in Heart Day Haters. Seeing the trend?

Wormword’s advice is a no go. Fancy that! His only aim is to serve his own desires. But he hides that agenda and looks to make the King feel weak and dependent, thereby ensuring his own necessity.

The people around you are mirrors. If you feel constantly chained to threads of chaos, insanity or disruption, ask yourself “Why?” Are you introducing drama, even indirectly by surrounding yourself with people soaked in it?

We all have our moments, and every life has that Tower visit from time to time. Fair enough.

But we’re talking long-term patterns. Can you trust your confidants? Are the people you populate in your life of high quality? Do their words and deeds lift you, or or act like subtle poison? Anyone who tries to convince you that you’re weak and inept instead of building up your strengths and encouraging you to reach higher is a Wormword. Do you really need that in your life?

And on the flip side, BE the righteous company. You’ll be a better person for it.

Do you keep righteous company?


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  1. There was a time when I had a lot of underminers in my life. Worse yet, I wouldn’t make a move without consulting them. In therapy, I realized how damaging and insidious they were. I went through a long process of eliminating friends and family members until I had only two friends left. After that, I spent a year and a half utterly alone, processing a lot of emotion I had stuffed down since childhood. It was a very painful and lonely time but very enriching and useful. Little by little, I made better friends. Now I can honestly say that my friends are supportive, trustworthy and fun. If wealth were measured by the quality of our friendships, I’d be a millionaire.

    1. How cool, Marly! And a good reminder. You got quality people in your life by detaching from the others first. You had to create a void so it could be filled.

      1. Yes. It also taught me that I could withstand the pain of loneliness and that I was avoiding it because when I was alone I had to face all this old toxic pain I’d suppressed. By learning that I could handle loneliness, I stopped being “manipulatable” — no one could hold the threat of leaving my over my head to make me do anything.

        I also learned that sometimes there’s a very long period of waiting before the good elements come in. Does that make sense?

        1. Yeah, it does. I mean, however long it takes is by definition the right amount of time, because that’s what it took! There are advantages to going fast, we all want to speed through the yuck! But taking it more slowly, it’s easier to digest and integrate. Either way, it seems to me how quickly someone grows is much less important than the fact they do.

          I’m glad you did what you needed to in order to become a friend-millionaire!

  2. “The people around you are mirrors.”

    I tend to attract unavailable people. Not just for lovers, but for friends, everything. I guess I’m “unavailable” myself? Been pondering that lately…

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