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02/03/13: Slow Leaks | Reversed Ace of Cups



I often see the Ace of Cups inverted when someone is emotionally drained, feeling nothing left to give. It’s shown up for me a number of times in troubled relationships that were once good; it had hit the point where emotional sharing was akin to just dumping heart and soul onto the ground. Oy, not good!

Because we’re talking about an Ace, though, and because Aces are generally very positive cards, even when inverted, the problem could be less serious than it looks like—or in the case of the Cups suit, FEELS like.

Any time you have an Ace, look to the root, the essence, the most simple and pure expression of energy you can identify, because we’re working with basic building blocks with Aces, very immature, very undeveloped energy. Aces are seeds, not trees!

I’m inclined today to say hey, beware of emotional leakage! What’s draining off that love, the intuitive energy, the emotional support? What was one good feelings has become an emptiness. Is it because of something that is maybe small but doesn’t feel small? Is it something you’re not even conscious of that is coming between you and loved ones?

It doesn’t matter if it “should” bother you or not. Only if it is. Even a tiny, slow leak can sink a boat if it’s never repaired.

This is a small thing that’s going awry, so attend to the small things to fix it. Little feelings, humble expressions of support or kindness, tiny intuitions would all be relevant for getting that cup upright again.

Notice any “little leaks” that have been draining you or yours?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Ace of Cups, Legacy of the Divine

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  1. Dixie… A follow up to the message of that Rx 6 C! So spot on, I just didn’t put it all together until the S hit the fan! And the lesson learned is just how you put it; “It doesn’t matter if it should bother you or not. Only if it is.” LISTEN TO YOUR INSTICTS KRYSTEN!

    1. I have never found that to be a bad idea. Talking myself OUT of listening to my instincts, absolutely! But heeding what I felt even if I could not (yet) explain it logically, no.

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