January 17

01/18/13: Birthing Pain | Empress



Well, I am really glad to see another lighter card! These days, you take that relief where you can get it. I’m a little surprised, though, to tell the truth.

Yes, the lightening of the energetic weather has been palpable today. Thank God! But it’s still kind of overcast, at least in my world.

You know the feeling I’m talking about? The “I can’t do anything right, everything I touch blows up and no matter how hard I try, it’s not good enough?” That’s the one.

I know I’m not alone. Man, do I know this!

I’m picking up a lot of emotional turbulence in general, not trying! The emotions are loud today. It’s the equivalent of an emotional contact high and it’s fierce. But people have a right to what goes on inside their own heads and heats, even if it is sometimes a little loud. So I didn’t ask anyone to turn it down.

So under such circumstances, what on Earth can I make of the Empress?—that’s who “Fertility” is, you know.

Wait a minute…she has birthing pains!

Pain is natural byproduct of the act of creation. (I’m not going into the Biblical explanation, please stick with my metaphor here.)

It can be uncomfortable! It can hurt. It can feel out-of-control or scary or just plain exhausting. But if we’re changing, and especially doing so dramatically, if we’re trying to give birth to a new life, new options, new circumstances, new ideas and so on, we can realistically expect birthing pains. It doesn’t mean something is wrong, It’s just how it is.

So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, out-of-sorts, confused or tired, maybe you can chalk it up to creative birthing pains. And like most parents, after the fact you’ll probably decide it was worth it…I hope so!

Are you feeling any birthing pain?

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  1. I really like the image on this card. The outer golden circle is in the shape of an egg. The heart chakra is sending out waves of light and the perfect circle of unity encircles the top chakras. Love the green colors in this one too. Creating from the heart is what it says to me.

    1. This is the deck that includes the chakra cards, so those are especially pertinent observations, Mist! And a lovely interpretation for this card for sure.

  2. What a beautiful way to relate this card to the current times. I’m sure it’s not an easy task for that little seedling to bust open from it’s shell to become a sprout. So, yes, it makes sense. Plus, we are getting ready to move from Aries moon to Taurus moon–will be lots of Earthiness going on with the Cap energy we are dealing with. And Venus is involved on both sides..ruling the moon and passing through Cap. So..makes sense.

  3. Birthing…new understanding & yes it can be painful. I’ve felt balanced, even a little excited, through the recent process & yesterday’s 10 of Pentacles was the universe giving me a reminder of where I am. A GREAT way to start the day! Yet as the day wore on it seemed I developed a hangover from all the “understanding”.

    Yesterday I woke up thinking about a place that’s puzzled me for some time, it’s my daughter’s place so I try to let the thought go. Later in the day this place seemed to integrate into the other “dismisses” in my life. The writing’s been on the wall there I just didn’t see it, I didn’t want to.

    Today’s card explains the hangover and the new understanding, “it doesn’t mean something is wrong, It’s just how it is.”, this is true. So I’ll take what I’ve created and use it accordingly.

  4. I’ve been crocheting hats and as I finish one I announce that I’ve ‘hatched’ another one. They do look a bit like eggs with the tops off. That’s as close to birthing as I’m gonna get.

  5. I also received The Empress in my tarot draw today, along with the Moon and Strength. The Moon always comes up when I’m depressed. I ordered my Rhodiola and am focusing on working out what I’ll plant in my garden in the Spring. It’s the one thing that’s keeping me going, so the Empress is very fitting.

    Your site redesign is lovely, by the way.

  6. I’m also growing celery in my kitchen, from the sliced-off bottom of a bunch of celery, so I have a few stalks growing right there next to my window.

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