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01/07/14: Battles that Matter / King of Wands


King of WandsWell, this is a nice change from that reversed Ace of Wands! The King of Wands definitely means what he says and says what he means. No stumbling through protocols for appearance’s sake. He can be a bit hotheaded at times though, especially if you aren’t aligned with his vision. And he does kind of think he’s all that. But at the very least, you can count on him to be reliable and consistent, as well as generally well-intentioned.

Temper your passion (signified by the red gown) with reason (the yellow robe on top). Loyalty fuels power. In fact, “Regal” is a great keyword for this king. Be prepared to defend yourself, vehemently if need be. But always with class.

But don’t fight for fighting’s sake. Only take up arms if the situation is truly worth it and the outcome legitimately matters. If you can follow this little bit of advice, you can bypass most of this King’s headaches while taking advantage of his vast reservoir of energy. If you find yourself thinking, “It’s the principle of the thing…” heads up, you may be falling into an ego trap.

Choosing your battles wisely gives you full energy to devote to what really does matter while detaching from what is not close to your heart. That’s how a truly regal king might approach it: heart passion tempered with the cloak of wisdom.

You have use for the King of Wands approach?

Tarot of the New Vision (English/Spanish)
by Lo Scarabeo

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King of Wands, New Vision Tarot

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  1. I used to be able to fight with class, and still can at times. I was actually praised for being fair.

    I have been trying to harness this energy again – I tried before, but didn’t do so well, even though I’m a Fire Sign and the Four of Wands is my card. Fire, but stability, too.

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