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01/05/12: Friendly Chaos | Rev World


“Chaos is a friend of mine.” –Bob Dylan

tarot-daily-forecastIt’s irksome, to realize—the most difficult, the most painful experiences I’ve had are the ones most central to personal growth. That’s the kind of thing you say to other people, but never want to see in the mirror. Because then, it’s clear how damn hard they must want to slap you, when you spout that crap off. At least, make sure it’s said kindly. Because annoying or no, it’s truth stands. The bigger the mess, the more understanding is there for mining.

Today’s Tarot is the World (Saturn), reversed. Perhaps it’s your world that feels upside down right now? Or maybe it’s someone you know. But that’s not all bad. To have your world disrupted, you have to have a world to begin with, eh? There are likely many elements of that world remaining largely intact, no?  That’s the new home base: is still right. We start building from there.

To rein in chaos, live the high side of Saturn: responsible, adult, maintaining boundaries and working toward mastery—that’s bringing order back. The remedy is being mature about it all and working your way through. Use your time, use the disruption, to learn what’s amiss so you can remove it from your world. In doing so, you not only get things turned aright, you have a better world than when you started. And you know, you earned it.

Chaos ever been your friend?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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  1. Up until a certain point last year, and the year before, even with my venting and sounding so upset, I was finding my footing when I needed to in stressful situations. Clarity would hit me, I would feel grounded and more sane than I’d felt in a while, but only long enough to get me through something. Chaos hasn’t been my friend since last Summer.

    I’ve tried to make it my friend, and lasted long enough taking my cats to the ER (a pointless endeavour, as was trying to help my cousin, it turned out) – I perched in the doorway of the van, on the lovely evening (weather-wise) on which we had our eldest, and at that point our last, cat put to sleep. I held it together, and thought about how awful it is that you end up being most embedded in your own life (more *there* than ever), when it sucks to high heaven.

    It ended up being October, November and December that were the worst, dealing with worsening depression that then several people deeming me several things that weren’t true. Normally I would be all nice and understanding, but they hurt me at my absolute lowest, and I have very little understanding for them right now. I’m tired. I need more Ace of Cups (good, not bad), Four of Swords, etc.

  2. You cracked me up, Dixie. I know I’d want to slap me if I was spouting that crap at the wrong time, which I’m prone to do.

    Chaos has often been my friend. I really believe chaos can sort things out.

    Love that you’re using the Cosmic Deck recently. Love it.

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