March 1

Weekly Tarot Forecast, 3/4/13 – The Lovers (again)!

Okay, pulling this up to post, it cracked me up. Because we’re getting some repeaters, folks. As in, it kind of matches the card for today!

Short answer: Tarot’s getting louder! Make sure where you’re putting your resources reflects your priorities. Or maybe I’m just missing the point? Maybe you see something I don’t.

What do you see in the Lovers right now?

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  1. What I have been getting from the Lovers..and all the renditions thereof (which I equate to the Two of Cups, the Devil, Judgement) is that what I see is me. Lately it’s been a very Venus/Neptune sort of thing. Appropriate with Venus recently entering Pisces, eh? (as well as squaring my natal Neptune). See, I’ve been pondering this whole relationship thing and realizing that once you discover your entire self you no longer go looking for “you” or projecting “you” onto other people. You integrate and accept yourself. Then, you are able to get to know someone for who they really are instead of looking at your reflection (or what you may unconsciously recognize as your reflection). Two of cups, in the deck I was using (Legacy of the Divine) has the feminine hand holding the cup with the males reflection and vice versa. But, if you put yourself where the bodies should be, the cup she is holding should reflect her face. But, in any deck, a lot of times the lovers is a mirror-like reflection. So, the qualities I seek in a man or mate may actually be my own masculine qualities that I’ve masked or denied. Same with judgement. I size you up based on a reflection of my own core beliefs..not what your beliefs or values are. The Devil, of course, represents the shadow aspect of all that.
    Anywho, yeah..those two have been following me

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