September 5

Stubborn Enough – Queen Wands


From the Archives, looking at the Queen of wands!

I did a reading right before I pulled this card and as I’ve come to expect, I got one of the cards I just pulled in the reading. I pulled it in connection to a question about what was needed in a professional relationship, and I think she was surprised to hear me say she could benefit from working with someone who was stubborn.

“Stubborn” is only a fraction of the picture, though.

Today’s Tarot is the Queen of Wands, associated with Water in Fire. This queen is stubborn, you know. But the right kind of stubborn can be a very helpful thing.

She has a solid, take-charge approach that is consistent with her strength and stability. Personifying the internal attributes of Fire, she can indeed be hotheaded on occasion, but doesn’t hold a grudge. She’s good hearted and well-intentioned, even though it make take a while for you to realize it. She’s a pretty tough cookie, with a generous and compassionate soul underneath that fixed exterior. In other words, she’s not easy to topple.

I seldom draw this queen in my personal readings, unlike the Queen of Pentacles or Queen of Cups, whom visit regularly. My only fire is my Leo rising, and in general, I don’t relate to her. But that doesn’t mean she’s got nothing useful to offer me.

For one thing, I could sure use her thick skin sometimes, you know? I have a boatload of Virgo, which means I have as big a boatload of Pisces, functionally speaking. And what astrologers call a “stressed moon,” man. I’m thankful it’s in Gemini; that Air gives me the opportunity to think my way in and out of emotional tides. But I’d welcome a little less…reactivity.

And boundaries? Well, I’ve got ’em. Not saying I don’t, for God’s sakes. But sometimes an elevated squish factor leaves me to overlook, deny or prematurely excuse stuff that would be better coming up for a quicker review, you know? Sometimes that doubt gets downright drunken on the amount of benefit it’s fed. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

I mean, I’ve got Saturn, so the cosmos didn’t leave me out in the cold. Still, Saturn in Libra is bringing the point home about venues where I haven’t kept consistently kept boundaries clearly focused and fair. Erring on the side of the other guy is fine and good, and maybe makes me feel like a better person, but won’t work with this sky.  The old man is forcing my hand, making it painful to avoid imbalances. I’m doing my best to stay a quick learner before the tap becomes a smack upside the head.

And I could use some of creative drive. With Zero cardinal and a lot of mercury, I can analyze, think and plan my way into an amazing level of procrastination, all while telling myself I’m being wise and thorough. I’m working on it.

The Queen of Wands can show me how to toughen up a bit, keep the machinery of my life on an even keel and make things happen. So what if she gets a little flustered sometimes? Her passion is one of her strengths. She does need to watch where she aims in, though. It burns kind of hot.

Does the Queen of Wands have any lessons for you?

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Fierce, Mystic Dreamer, Queen of Wands

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  1. I’ve had to channel this Queen as well. Had a client who was sucking my energy to the point where I simply could not understand what she was telling me and I wasn’t working well for her. I had to fire her. It was a big risk, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was exhausted!

    Dixie’s note: Sorry for the comment weirdness, I had to restore from a backup!

  2. That card? From that specific deck (meaning the image itself, the artist’s rendition)? It’s sooooooo someone I once knew. And ‘STUBBORN’ was indeed her middle name. (She had uber Taurus, are we surprised?!)

    It may have been unfortunate that we crossed roads at a time where she was needing (rightfully so for her, probably) to REALLY AMPLIFY that stubbornness, because it made any friendship between us utterly impossible. She gave not an inch. On ANYTHING. It was HER WAY or the highway. I took the highway.

    “Too much of a good thing” (the stubbornness)… and all that jazz…

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