July 20

Staying the the Flow – Reversed 10 Pentacles


Another take on the Reversed 10 of Pentacles.

I have been going a little stir crazy, especially inside my head.

And we have the Ten of Pentacles, inverted. One of the more welcome cards in a reading, it’s associated with Mercury in Virgo. Dogs will relate to our “lower selves,” so a domesticated dog show baser drives and instincts are managed. There is harmony among the young and old, and the setting is lavish and rich on every level. Prosperity overflowth.

Now, as Virgo’s ruler, Mercury is going to be at home there, ya’think? That’s the kind of energy the Ten of Pentacles is about. Comfort, agreement, everything is in it’s place. Upright, this card shows everyone’s on the same page and life flows with ease. “All’s right with the world” kind of energy.

With the Ten of Pentacles reversed, we’re almost there but not quite. When life is in balance, we’re most productive and energetic. We’ve got more to give. We’re happier and it colors whatever we do with happy. Look to bring all into alignment: take care of yourself to feel better, think better, and be more at peace. If retreating, it’s a good time crack the door to see who’s there. Look to your family, chosen or birth, to feed and sustain you.

What helps bring you back in the goodness flow?

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Radiant Rider Waite, Ten of Pentacles

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