June 25

Seeing What? Four of Cups, Inverted


Inverted Four of Cups
What do you really see?

Take home message from a reading:

There’s a difference between dreaming about the future, versus seeing only what you want to see. When you get very emotionally attached to one possibility, it can be incredibly disruptive if your scenario doesn’t work out.

The secret doesn’t lie in finding some mystical gift from outside that you can’t quite reach. It comes from letting your heart overflow with love and joy for what you DO value in your life, without needing to deceive yourself over what you don’t. That path will allow real joy, not as a function of fate handing over  your your prize, but as a function of faith you can create your own prize.

What do you see?

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  1. Not only is it What Do You Value, but Is It Worth It? Do you value your dream enough to make it worth it? I see jupiter in taurus, pluto in capricorn, how fitting me think-est.

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