August 22

Reversed Chariot | Owning Your Feelings and Nothing More


Take-home message from a reading…

Don’t worry so much about your focus, exactly where you’ll end up, who believes it is right and who believes it’s wrong. This isn’t an area you need to lead.

Especially don’t worry about taking care of others with these choices. How others feel is not yours to determine. Respect is not about doing what others believe is best for us, nor trying to make others do what we believe is best for them. Respect is trusting each individual to make their own decisions, as well as determine their own feelings about our decisions.

We are each our own spiritual director, you know?  Avoid the temptation of emotionally absorbing negative reactions. Some of what you question is not your own feelings, but those you absorb from others. There’s no reason for you to act on someone else’s feelings. I would also suggest working with some psychic self-defense, charging yourself with light and love whenever you start to absorb too much. Know what’s your and protect yourself from what’s not.

What does the reversed Chariot say to you?

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Inverted, Morgan-Greer, The Chariot

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  1. Wow – great message, Dixie.

    It echoes what I’ve been learning from Access Consciousness. 98% of what rolls around in our brains isn’t ours. It’s either the guy we just passed in the hall, or beliefs and judgements we’ve been taught as we grew up, or lots of other ways we’ve learned to survive in a reality that isn’t..well…real.
    So….every time, the key is….ask the question. “Who does this belong to?”
    Makes a lot of room in your head for YOU.

  2. This is very interesting about asborbing from others since we’ve recently discovered I’m probably absorbing alot from my daughter.

    What is psychic self-defense & is this something you do every day or just when you leave your house?

  3. Awesome. I got this in accomplishment in the mandala spread. There’s a job I would relocate to calu too, I never got a great hunch, in fact I got the heeby jeebies. The person who would be my boss is also a friend, I think after interviewing me formally -he saw others took a liking to me and that I’m super smart, he got intimidated or misrepresented his power. But to everyone else this was the perfect opportunity, I even had my cards read by several readers in past months and they affirmed me getting the offer.

    But I’m my spiritual director, I know what’s right for me. I don’t need friends, co workers, or readers telling me what’s right for me. Only one or 2 readers insisted I only go forward with it, if it was fair. On top of the game playing, the salary they offered was unfair. So it was a great realization of my growth, honoring my self worth, rethinking what I want and expect

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