June 14

Ace of Cups, Rev: Let it Out


Reversed Ace of Cups

From a reading:

Let go of spent emotion. Let tears flow when they come; it washes away much confusion and facilitates acceptance needed to move forward.

There is trouble accessing intuition when you expend massive amounts of energy to keep emotions in check. You’re separating yourself from the Source. Emotional control is important during periods of disruption to function, but once the threat has passed, those habits don’t need to become permanent.

Processing those feelings is clearing the path.

What does the inverted Ace of Cups say to you?

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Ace of Cups, Inverted, Tarot Readings

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  1. This was a huge issue with my ex and ultimately why we couldn’t make it. He had no sense of intuition and like you said in another post, when you can’t access your intuition, you are without a guidepost.

    When people ask what’s the one thing I won’t tolerate or put up with in a relationship, I always want to say, “someone who can’t access their intuition or who has no respect for it,” and, depending on who’s asking the question, I’ll tell them this. If they’re just looking for breezy, surface-y reasons, I leave out the intuition/accessing emotions part.

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