April 6

Painting Your Own Moon – Empress


Creativity is an Empress avatar. Here, she’s painting her own moon – choosing the color of her emotions by how she expresses herself creatively. The tapestry of her experiences has become part of her, the colors and patterns and shapes meld into her being as well as painting her surroundings. Her creative self has effectively colored her reality.

To deal with strong energy, you channel.
Selecting creative pursuits that suit whatever energy bearing down gives you a lot of control in managing it. Maybe you cook a huge meal for Jupiter, but use an exacting recipe for Saturn. Maybe you plant flowers to nurture for the moon, but choose exciting and unexpected colors for Uranus. Maybe you journal out some shadow-feelings for Pluto, but choose to view the situation more expansively and generously than you have in the past, for Jupiter. There are endless ways to mix and match.

Using your creativity, however you choose to do so, it a powerful way to direct even challenging energy to allow yourself to process feelings, recharge, renew, reframe and refine our experiences.

How do you use your creativity to channel energy?

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  1. How did I miss this article, Dixie? I’m so glad to see it as a link in today’s post.

    My energy gets super stagnant if I don’t engage my creativity. Inventiveness is a key to happiness.

    I do tend to paint my own moon.

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