November 5

Mini-Reading | What’s up with work?


Reversed Five of Pentacles

“What is developing in my current job?” -Josi

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Josi’s Work?

Josi wants to know what’s up with her job…looks like there are funding concerns. The place doesn’t seem about to close, but there are cash flow issues, maybe grants or something similar that haven’t come in as anticipated or desired. Like there has been delays in getting funding that was being counted on or expected.

I do think your job is secure; the people who are at risk here are the ones who should be at risk, i.e. those who routinely don’t pull their own weight, tend to generate office drama or are otherwise problematic from an employer’s perspective.

I do NOT feel concern about you losing your position, nor do I feel any layoffs that happen will necessarily hurt the functioning of the environment. It’s not disappearing. But the sense you have, there are cash flow problems? You’re on target, as you normally are.

I’d say just keep doing your thing, honey.

Y’all see anything else here?

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  1. I think that makes a lot of sense. And is very confirming. Especially the part that “nobody talks about” I feel this stuff coming in and my job is very secret squirrel in terms of what is going on. Nobody says anything until it’s 5 minutes before it happens. But, here’s the thing, I’ve gained a butt load of experience in this job as far as the area of my college degree which is huge. My resume is stacked if something happens. So either way, I had planned on hanging in until I see what unfolds because it is better for me to be laid off than to cut and run early.
    And what I do is relocation. I help people who work for major oil and chemical companies move from one place to another when they are transferred in their job. I help them sell their house, buy a new one, major life change stuff is always involved. It fits my 8th house personality for sure.
    There is a big meeting on Tuesday and I feel like a lot of questions will be answered then. In my gut, I feel 3 possibilities swirling around and either option is ok with me. I’ll let you know how it goes!
    Thanks Dixie!

  2. oooh..and our funding comes from the home/dixiblog/domains/ sales. 100%, and if you’ve seen the market lately then YES there is uncertainty there. The delay in the sales due to long market times causes delay in our pay. So, we may be looking at restructuring how we do that (ie: charging a flat fee for the move instead of waiting for a commission split on the sale–that’s what I planned to suggest on Tuesday anyway)

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