June 12

Eliminating Distractions: From a Reading / Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords, Housewives' Tarot

Seeking a way to feel better…

It’s a question of eliminating attachments. Focus on your goals, on logic, on what you do have control over. This is where you attention is appropriately spent. Actively seek to to “deadhead” spent blooms from your rosebush–what isn’t working, what you have no control over anyway, what isn’t yours, what isn’t relevant to the task at hand. A large number of spent blooms on the rosebush siphons off energy and keeps the remaining buds from blooming as fully.

The anxiety you feel is largely a matter perspective. Releasing attachment to a specific outcome helps eliminate worries about how everything will turn out. Releasing attachment to a particular storyline helps open up the ending for your book. Releasing attachment to a need to control helps you feel competent to keep moving forward.

Affirmation: Reaching for joy first, all else follows. Your emotional state is your GPS system. Your feelings of anxiety and heaviness are indication that you are off course. As you let go of the heaviness, let go of the drive to control and become still, you can reach for the subtle fruit of joy that get missed in the worry and frenetic activity of constantly fussing.

Let go. Eliminate distraction. Exercise faith. Reach for joy. This is an unstoppable combination for feeling better.

Can you use this advice? I know I can!

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Affirmations, Housewives Tarot, Queen of Swords

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