September 23

Deserved Windfalls: The World


Note: The World came up a couple times in those 1-Card readings I just did as you’ll see if you watch all the videos, so I pulled this up piece from some old work…

I’ve been feeling very Saturny—yes, I’m declaring “Saturny” a word. I’m fairly attuned to Saturn anyway, so when ol’ Mr. Seriouspants heats up, I can usually feel it.

And that’s when I tend to wonder if I’m working hard enough, well enough, and for long enough. Can I maintain it? And will take me where I want to go?

This is The World, number XXI of the majors. I was initially surprised to realize this card is associated with Saturn. Unlike Saturn, the World is usually welcomed, seen to herald completeness and positive accomplishments. It’s the embodiment of the journey up to that point, incorporating all you’ve learned into one unified package.

Okay, okay. I begrudgingly acknowledge the connection. I’m usually pretty quick to defend Saturn, because I like to see hard work pay off. I am a fan of integrity! Real, solid and dependable is exactly what I want in my life. But I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t get tired of all the work sometimes.

The World reminds us of Saturn’s brighter side, though—payoff! Deserved windfall. Your past performance comes home to roost. Mastery is achieved! When you see the card, it’s generally indication dues are paid in full. That’s good news! It’s a nod that you’re arriving at a destination worth the trouble, and you’ve made it there because you were willing to put in the effort to get there. No shortcuts, no cheats. Just put one foot in front of the other. It’s your turn, baby!

Feeling your efforts have been worthwhile?

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Mystic Dreamer, The World

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  1. “I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t get tired of all the work sometimes.”

    No kidding! Me too — holy moly!!!

    “The World reminds us of Saturn’s brighter side, though—payoff!”

    Payoff! Aw, man, that will be soooooooooooo sweet when it finally arrives!

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