December 7

What’s the stumbling block in Ingrid’s Career? Mini Chakra Tarot Check-in

“Career is my main are of concern. It feels like there is a huge blockage here. But if something else comes up that’s just fine too =). I’m open to whatever the cards have to say.” -Ingrid

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Short Answer: All work and no play makes Ingrid a dull chick! In other words, the block in your career is you–you don’t have enough joy in your life, m’dear. There is always a long list of things you have to accomplish before you “earn” a break. Except it’s harder to hit your milestones because you’re not feeding your spirit. A little joy in your personal life becomes the grease on the wheels of your professional life. As a bonus, if you’re joints have been stiff, they should clear up. Ha!

Hope that helps get things back in the flow, dear Ingrid!

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  1. Thank you, Dixie!
    You and the cards are absolutely right. The joy is completely gone. I’m not even sure I like the career path that I’m on anymore. It seems like it’s something that needs to be done. And I’m always doing stuff for other people, always putting myself on the backseat. And yep, I always feel I have to the 3 million things on my to do list before I believe I’ve earned to do something fun for myself. The problem is that there’s always something new that gets added to the list. I definitely should allow myself to have a break and bring in the joy.
    I will take this advice to heart! Much love!

    1. Awesome! I’m so glad it was helpful and especially glad to hear you’ll be taking this advice. I’m willing to be it’s going to be the best “home/dixiblog/domains/” assignment you’ve ever had. :-*

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