November 11

Too late to have children? 1-Card Video Tarot Reading

“Is it too late for me to have children?” -Marly

Ouch! That’s a sticky one. Let’s see what we get.

Short Answer: Biological children? Maybe, but I’m not seeing it. I DO, however, see an opportunity to parent and nurture a child, but in a less obvious way. Step-parenting seems the most likely.. I hope at least the ideas on “turning up the parenting vibration” are helpful. Sorry, dear.

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  1. Hi, Dixie! Thanks so much for the reading. Sorry to put you in the hot seat. I’m 43 and I don’t have a relationship, hence the question. I was not disappointed by your answer, by the way. More than anything, I would like the experience of being a mother and wouldn’t mind adopting (with someone) or being a stepmom. As it happens, I have been thinking about getting closer with some little cousins I have, but I still would rather be the mother figure as opposed to the Auntie figure, if you know what I mean. So I’m happy with the answer. I think there are so many kids out there already who could use mothering — a child doesn’t have to come through my womb. Yes, it would be lovely to have a little newborn from the beginning, but on the other hand, there are other benefits to not ever getting pregnant. So thank you!!

    1. By the way, I asked the question because I felt strong enough to hear a negative answer, if that was the case. On the other hand, I also have a very strong feeling that it is still possible, one way or another. (Although I’m not inclined to do fertility treatments, not because I’m against them ethically, but because I hear they’re extremely stressful psychologically. It’s not something I’d take on, I don’t think, but who knows? I do know that I would never have a kid on my own, if I can help it.) Personally, I never ask a question unless I’m prepared to hear the answer, whether it’s what I want to hear or not. This doesn’t just apply to the Tarot!

      1. “Personally, I never ask a question unless I’m prepared to hear the answer, whether it’s what I want to hear or not. This doesn’t just apply to the Tarot!” That’s a damn fine philosophy. And thank you for having it!

        I didn’t get a specific “no” on biological kids, but I didn’t get a sense of “yes” either. I definitely sensed a likelihood of parenting that was not the traditional setup, though. My guess is that if you do have a baby, it will be in addition to some other type of parenting. I also think that activating that vibration via the means you have available now will make it more likely you’ll have more of that in the future…

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