November 13

Three of Cups Rx: Your Way!

I’m in the middle of a move! Send good vibes.

So the next couple of forecasts will be here and (hopefully) on time, but maybe a smidge more to-the-point than normal. I hope you don’t mind.

Like usual, these cards feel kind of like they are pointing a me. But hey, that means I feel ya, right?

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook for the week is the reversed Three of Cups and advice is the Four of Wands, shown here from the Star Tarot Deck

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks you should do. Doesn’t matter what your friends say, your family or society at large.

Your job is to create a safe, supportive structure for YOURSELF. Do this, everything else will come together. What anybody else thinks is totally irrelevant. Really.

Letting go of how someone else would do things is exactly the most important first step to creating that safe space.

Not being all judgey at yourself is the next step. And the final step is to just keep doing it!

How are you getting on?

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Four of Wands, Star Tarot, Three of Cups

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