November 3

Relative Ruin 10 Swords

From the archives: pulled up an old piece with a few more 10 of Swords thoughts…

I was talking to a client who also reads card for others. She was talking about a recent gig, noting an absence of the light and frivolous.

“It’s heavy out there! Every single one of these people were facing life-altering situations.”

I’ve noticed the same thing, but added that I’m of seeing many folks deal with an amazing amount of grace anyway. Hard times come and go, but integrity and character sustains. So keep your handy!

Ten of Swords, dubbed “Ruin” in the Thoth deck. Even though it’s associated with sun in Gemini, this card doesn’t scream Gemini to me at first glance. But that doesn’t mean the Gemini’s not there. Swords are Air, after all, so realize we’re in the realm of thought. You can reframe, intellectualize or think your way out here. It’s the Gemini prerogative!

You see this card most often when we’ve hit overkill—backstabbing or reaction to perceived backstabbing is complete (and possibly over the top). There’s nothing left to rescue. The only thing left is pulling those swords out, one at a time.

When I see the Ten of Swords, significant pain is given. But I also know we’ve hit the worst of it, right there. Status quo ruined, yes, but YOU are still breathing. There is nothing else to lose. Healing commences the second you realize that.

Realize, that puts you in a very powerful position.

You have any Ten of Swords thoughts?

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Ten of Swords, Thoth

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