August 16

Quickie 1-Card Tarot Reading: Lilliput’s Stuck

“Why is nothing going according to plan? I accept going with the flow but I wish I knew where that would take me?” -Lilliput

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear things feel stuck for you. Here’s what I got–this video is pretty long for a 1-card reading, but I wanted to get all I could for you to help get the ball rolling.

Short answer: You’re trying to carry everybody else’s baggage. Ask for help! It’s not charity, it’s right. And they will manage without your magic. You could stand to hoard some of that magic for personal consumption, thank you very much.

Hope it helps! Much love.

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  1. Thanks so much Dixie – I really resonate with that. It seems to be carrying on the theme that you read for me last time – ie Struggles and Rev. Tower.

    At the moment I have just given up smoking and funnily enough have been doing a lot of walking – to shift both the extra weight I’m terrified of gaining and the very heavy depression from the nicotine withdrawal. I hadn’t planned on stopping smoking and subsequently have not been at all productive! So am feeling all those things you mentioned.

    1. I had TOTALLY forgotten the last reading, thanks for reminding me. (Like many readers, I often don’t retain the content of readings much after the fact.) It’s funny to see the similarities in retrospect.

      Sending good vibes for your trek, m’dear… :car:

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