December 6

Lovely Queen Needs a Little Help Believing! Mini Chakra Check-in

Lovely Queen didn’t ask a question, so we’ll hop straight into whatever the cards say.

Short Answer: A few simple adjustments can really torque up your connection.

  • BELIEVE you’re doing it. You are!
  • Get in a good space before you start your work. The higher you can lift your vibration beforehand, the more tangible and dramatic the results.
  • Set the scene – have specific, consistent elements of your practice to help program yourself to get that vibration adjusting up as you prepare to work.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Awesome reading! Thanks you! Your reading was so uplifting and confirms the guidance I have been getting from Spirit for myself (but not paying attention, ya know what I mean?!) And beyond confirmation, it filled in a missing piece that I couldn’t find – the belief aspect and 2nd guessing- I’ve been sabotaging my own growth and getting stuck by my lack of faith! But couldn’t even see it! After this lovely reading, I am committing to my spiritual growth and meditation with new zeal! I really love your perspective and the work you put forth here on A Fool’s Journey. Thanks again!

    1. Yay – I’m so glad you found it helpful, dear! The questioning is totally normal (at least for me). I think our “people” understand that we need to know this is real in a way that rings true for us and will send confirmation if we ask. But it does take time to build up a high level of trust and faith because once you go far enough down this path, your idea of what’s truly possible may get challenged on a regular basis. They never cease to amaze me, man.

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