November 19

Knight of Cups: Emotional Surfing

I’ve been a little extra emotional of late. We’re looking for a new home, with a pretty specific set of boxes to check off. We have gotten close at times. Like yesterday.

While I try not to get over-invested in what isn’t (yet), I can’t help it. I move into the new digs in my head, every single time. And when something gets in my way, it doesn’t always go well. Emotional leaking may ensue.

I’m trying to be patient with myself.

But here’s the thing: Emotions are like the weather in our hearts – unpredictable, but oh-so-natural. There’s power in embracing them, without judgment. Yet, beware – emotions can be contagious, and not always in the best way.

Heads up: there may be some of that, next week.

Next Week in the Cards

This “Dix’s literal Tarot forecast is literal” forecast courtesy of the Housewives’ Tarot.

knight of cups, five of pentacles rx

Outlook is the Knight of Cups. We’re emotional, maybe giddy–and perhaps a little punch drunk with our own desire. Emotions may change quickly…especially when we don’t get what we want.

Advice here is not about leaning into the emotion. We have enough without amping it up! Instead, be aware of your emotions. Be present. Note what you’re counting in, what you’re counting out, and why. Because this next week, our feelings may be prompted by factors other than the situation at hand and likewise, our optimism is going to vary depending on our emotional tone at the time.

In particular with the Five of Pentacles, there may be an element of self-pity involved. Nobody understands you and your needs. You may feel on your own. You may feel left out, left behind, and discounted in general. Pity party of one is a real (and not really helpful) possibility.

Your mission? Be the emotional ninja you are. Observe those feelings, give them a nod, but don’t let them hijack your week. Ride ’em out instead! There’s a lot going on under the surface, and it’s not all about the drama of the moment.

Keep your cool, stay tuned in, and let’s ride this wave with style and a dash of sass. Onward to a week of heartfelt adventures and wise wanderings!

Be well my friends. Be well.

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Five of Pentacles, Housewives Tarot, Knight of Cups

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