October 17

Josi’s Hidden World: Mini Charka/Tarot Reading

“I’m all for whatever you get :)” -Josi

Me too! So let’s see whatever it is we do get.

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Short Answer: The cards are focusing on opening up to the divine, but very specifically. In short, YOU can be in the drivers’ seat instead of feeling like you have to accept whatever you get, however you get it. Trust it! Negotiate with your spirit team, set parameters, and ask for help in learning to manage the particulars of your connection, and you can stop being overwhelmed and start reaping the benefits of your gifts.

Much love on your quest, Dear.

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  1. A week ago last Wednesday, I was just trying some visualization exercises and I kept seeing a fence. So, having it show up in this reading provided both affirmation and meaning to that. Thank you.
    I’ve let this reading sit and realized quite a bit. First, my work in the metaphysical plays out a lot like my everyday life. As much as I’m tired of talking about learning to say “no” that is still a big part of what I am going through.
    Let me try to explain, in everyday life I’ve not really got a clear cut plan. Most of my time is spent flitting from whatever needs to be done next for other people and not making a clear cut plan for my own path.
    It’s the same in the metaphysical realm. My intentions are weak. I am open all the time and it has never occured to me to ask for specific information. Nor did I imagine that I could set specific parameters around what I wanted to know or how that information would come.
    I have worked on protection. But still yet, I’m more of a “ok, give me what you got” kinda person (ie: reference my original question).
    Well, that makes it hard because sometimes I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this information. Who does it go to? I mean, it’s almost like I don’t give myself permission to get anything useful.
    So, to sum it up, working on my metaphysical stuff and in other things, I basically learn to say “yes” or “no” Instead of being open all the time, I need to set limits and time frames while setting a specific intention toward what direction I want to go. Otherwise, I’m telling the world and the universe “Here I am. I’m open. Use me.”
    Yeah, that’s not a good thing.
    I’m working on now, as a result of this reading, a schedule and how to word my intentions. Schedule as in a routine time when I sit down to work with Spirit (likened much to the same way as I learned to shuffle the cards, etc..due your advice, be consistent). Instead of sitting down and saying, “Ok, who wants to talk to me today.” I’ll work toward “I want to communicate with..x about y”
    And, you are right, I never even thought about it. Didn’t occur to me. But, of course, it makes absolute sense.

    1. You know, Josi, I can also relate to this more than you know. It is part of what I’ve learned (and am still learning) from doing this kind of work. Intentions and parameters make a HUGE difference. I can’t wait to see how this new approach changes things for you…

  2. And, I still don’t think I illustrated exactly how much this has rung bells in my life. Just know that it did. LOL.
    Thank you!

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