May 12

3 of Wands Rx: Brighter Perspective

“Damn the three of wands reversed!” I complained to one of my Tarot peeps upon seeing the offending card appear. I’ve been seeing this everywhere. In client sessions, here, and in my personal draws.

How many ways can the cards say, “Nope, nope, nope. You can’t expect squat?” As if that wasn’t already clear enough. I feel like this has been my life for the last three years. But especially the last several months, nothing has been readily predictable.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is reversed Three of Wands. Geez. Advice, Five of Pentacles with clarification from the Devil. Cards are from the Legacy of the Divine deck. Have you noticed the trend lately?

Adjust, adjust, adjust. Results aren’t coming in the way you’ve expected. Adjust, adjust, adjust.

I’m getting tired of listening to myself saying this, let alone trying to do it. I guess it’s the planets and all. Let’s blame them for it. Or praise them for it, perchance. Because whatever starts out at blame often ends up as realization, a breaking of bonds.

But sometimes it’s hard to get there. The cards are giving us a very loud hint, though.

You get help here by considering a new perspective–one most likely lighter and more optimistic than you’re allowing yourself. You may require help finding this new perspective. You’ll get it from others, and you don’t necessarily have to ask for it directly. You just have to walk into the church, so to speak. Put yourself in the situation to be around people who are not as invested in the path you’ve been walking to get access to some of that energy.

That Devil there is key. We’ve likely locked ourselves into a specific set of options, of facts, of realities that we are able to consider. Answers may be “off the table” in your brain, or maybe not even among the pool of possibility. Staying open to other perspectives can help us see as possible what we would have formerly considered impossible.

You need some optimism in your perspective.

Personally, I’d welcome some new options and I’m going to be on the lookout for them.

How about you? Are you ready to consider what didn’t seem feasible before?

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Five of Pentacles, Legacy of the Divine, The Devil, Three of Wands

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