October 6

1-Card Video Tarot Reading: Beth’s Husband Happy Career?

“Keep it simple here… how will my husband be truly happy in a career and gain the financial freedom for his family that he wants? And, say ‘Hi!’ to Chongo! :cat2:” -Beth

Awesome question, Beth! Be glad to see what we can get.

Short answer: He already has something he loves, something that he keeps in the back of his drawer and never feels there is time for, never finds it practical. It’s what he thinks is too silly to pursue. I’d suggest he invest some energy into that, without worrying about the payoff end. It won’t grow into something more for quite some time, but it’s a step towards unexpected opportunity for work that would fulfill his heart as well as the family bank account.

Hope that helps! Best wishes to you and your family, Beth.

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  1. Hi Dixie!

    O my.. well… it’s amazing what you can get from one little card. You’ve really hit into the heart of it. You know though, it’s not easy for him… he’s got 6 planets in Libra, 4th House. yeeesh. LOL I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down.

    Thanks for the excellent reading.. I’m going to forward this to my hubs. And even though Chongo had no words of wisdom for me today, give her a nice scratch behind the ears from me. :3

    Many Thanks,
    Beth (and Family)

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback, Beth! And I truly feel for anybody who has that much Libra, it must be excruciating making ANY decision! It’s got to be hard when you’re always concerned about making the wrong choice.

      Here, I’m hoping he makes room is in life for the joy first, with some faith the dollars eventually follow; that’s the order I’m seeing it in.

      1. I hear you Dixie… I wish he’d just relax and not stress so much about every little thing too. O yeah… also… like me… Saturn in the First… so yeah… responsibility? Kinda a big deal. lol Poor guy.


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