October 9

1-Card Tarot Video Reading: Josi’s Pressure?

“What is causing this tremendous pressure I’m feeling? ” -Josi

So sorry to year you’re feeling awful pressure, Josi. Glad to see what we can find out for you!

Short Answer: It appears to be emotionally generated, having to do with some “old business” that’s been tweaked but is exceptionally painful to look at, buried deep in a box in the corner of your closet. You don’t seem to want to go rummaging in it, for fear of the creepy-crawlies that will turn up. Pay attention in the next week, any time you feel “buzzy” like you’re standing close to a live, electrical wire. That’s a clue you’re nearing the source of the pain and will help you identify it!

Hope that helps, dear! You’re very welcome to give feedback or updates, if your so inclined. But either way, hope it clears for you soon!

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  1. Hi Dixie Thank you so much for these one card draws. It seems like you can glean so much information from them.

    When I first watched the video, I did exactly what you said with the hot and cold type of exploring. I came up with two things.

    The first is very literal in that where the sensation led me to was a location directly under a box in my attic. I’ve been avoiding going to the attic for several weeks. At one time, we had bats up there (this was like two years ago). It freaked me out! And right now, I’d really like to go up there and get my Halloween decorations but I’m afraid too. I know the bats are gone. But, there is still a fear lingering.

    At any rate, I was able to follow the sensation from downstairs, like I said, directly under a place where I know I’ve placed a certain box. This box was given to me for safe keeping by my husband’s grandmother. His grandmother raised him as his mother. He didn’t find out differently until he was 13. At that time, he also learned that his biological father was killed in a car accident when my husband was only 2 years old. He has had no contact with the paternal side of his family. (His father died on Halloween, by the way).

    Of course, me being the nosey sort, I have looked into his family background extensively. I’ve located his paternal grandmother and his father’s brother. I have their address and phone numbers. I’ve told him this and let him know that if he ever wanted to know more about his father, I would get in touch with them for him. He has a lot of anger around this, feeling as if the family had just rejected or abandoned him.

    Now, I know lots of things can happen. Paternal family members can easily be prevented from seeing their grandchildren. There could be any myriad of reasons. But, my inkling is from doing further research, that the man that my husband was told is his father..is not. As a matter of fact, the man I am being pushed toward it being most likely knows this was a possibility but was also blocked. BUT he is still alive and lives close by!

    Two weeks ago, my husband and I were at his son’s football game. He commented on this very large local graveyard behind the school. I told him which one it was and he said, “I guess my Dad is buried over there somewhere.” I said, “Yes, he is. If you would like, I can find out where and go with you to visit the grave.” He said he would like that. Of course, this whole time I am thinking..your father isn’t there. Quite literally..your father is not there.

    Now, all that is sticky enough. Add in the fact that Ox’s grandmother died last February. Since then, there has been a huge rift in the family with his biological mother being the primary source of instigation and viola. Viva my mess.

    That’s the literal part of the “attic”

    The second, more metaphysical part, I had asked and had been working toward developing an ability to see spirit versus just being able to “hear” At one time, I made a huge stride toward progress and got scared. Now, it’s almost like I fight myself from seeing and it really is sorely disappointing. I feel to look at something and I stop myself. Since watching the video when it first appeared on Youtube, I have meditated with my spirit guides feel a bit better. But, the hesitation toward it is still there. I’m not using my intuition to it’s fullest because of fear (and that ticks me off–at myself).

    So, at any rate, you were all over this! These were things I knew but would have never pinpointed as overall reasons for this pressure. But, now that you have helped me bring them to the forefront, I feel as if I know where I need to bring my focus rather than avoiding them. They both deal with fear and deep seated family issues (my extended family thinks I’m crazy enough without adding “more” through seeing things–so there is a subconscious thing going on there too). And yes, it is avoidance of emotion..for sure.

    Thank you for this. It has definitely broken a few things loose for me and as I write this, I can tell you the pressure has subsided some as I'm more able to deal with these things.

    1. WOW, Josi! That is an amazing story! And thank you SO much for sharing it here and all the feedback. Now I had to listen to the video again to put it into context.

      A couple of notes: Bats, as spirit messengers, are often connected to the mother (cave being like a womb), and especially the darker side of mother. And pockets of weird temperature changes and electrical activity can often be a sign of spirit presence.

      Much love, Josi.

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