September 24

1-Card Tarot reading for Hawaii Jake: New Man?

“Please, give me a reflection on when I will meet the right man for me.” -Hawaii_Jake

Be glad to see what I can get, Jake. Here goes!

Short Answer: You’re very close. It comes with “graduation” from whatever course or work you’re finishing in the name of improving and healing YOU.  Congratulations on your healthy approach. I expect it to pay off.

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  1. For the record, yes, I’m gay, proudly so. Your reading resonates deeply with me. I’ve been working on and healing me for a long time. I’m really hoping that is going to be paying off soon.

    Thank you very much for the 1-card reading. It really helped.


    1. I kinda figured! I also appreciate you having a male screen name so I was able to use the proper genders in discussion.

      I definitely got the sense you’re very close and am totally rooting for you!

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