September 25

1-Card Reading: How can Libby get moved?

“What is the best action I can take to move into a better place to live?” -Libby

Glad to see what I can get for ya, Miss Libby…

Short answer: In terms of specific action, the most important is budgeting. Make yourself a spreadsheet, start crunching numbers, get an end-date in focus. Protecting yourself energetically as well as keeping your spirits up are also important. Hope that helps!

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  1. Thanks, Dixie!

    The reminder to keep watching whose energy I’m feeling is excellent! (For me, it’s not so much “protection” as remembering to recognize who a thought or emotion belongs to. And then choosing if I want to keep thinking that way or not.)

    Without constantly reminding myself to pay attention to that, the money to budget won’t come in.

    You are exactly right – I am surrounded by people who do not want change. At ALL. They want me to stay in poverty, because that way, they get what they want. Which is me, taking care of things and accepting responsibility for their stuff, so they don’t have to.

    Ummm….nope. I’m done doing that!
    Thanks again, Dixie – you’re the best!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, dear. Glad it was helpful!

      On the energy around you, how you think of it matters a whole lot less than being aware, particularly if you’re in an environment where it’s a problem.

      That having been said, I would still encourage ANYBODY who is sensitive to energy to shield and work with protection techniques. I’ve had this issue hit my radar pretty hard recently, so I’m trying to pay heed and spread the word here.

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