July 16

Walking the Talk: Discrimination in Seeking


walking the talk

“Many talk but few walk.” – My Astrologer

I have been advised in several readings over the years to be wary of others who claim to know “the way” and that’s been turned up of late. I just found an old email reading from 2004 with the same message, for goodness sakes!

If you’re like me, you may find yourself seeing truth in stuff that a year ago, maybe even 6 months ago, would have struck you as INSANE. This Universe is a seriously amazing and constantly surprising place. Once you open the door to experiencing magic in your everyday life, things change and fast.

But I’m getting these little reminders, so I’ll pass them along to you: don’t believe anything based on what other people tell you–even if that “other people” is somebody honest and well intentioned (like me)! ALWAYS look for the ring of internal truth.

If you don’t get that sense of recognition, then either the info is off or the time is off for you to have that understanding. Either way, if it’s true for you and you need it, you’ll have it. If it’s not, you’ll have saved yourself needless wandering off your path by not accepting proclamations wholesale. The only irrefutable source here is THE source, you know? And you don’t need an interpreter for the Source as you have a built-in connection

The first time I worked a Spirit Fair, I was SHOCKED when someone else working there made a rude comment about my hair. Aren’t these people supposed to be all about love and light?! It’s right there, on their signs and cards and brochures, man! It took a bit for the idea to sink in, even “Spirit People” are PEOPLE first. We’re all people first. And Spirit People have the same Ego issues and challenges everyone else does.

When we’re blessed with revelations via divine grace, the ego stands nearby wanting to take all the bows instead of letting the heart humbly feel gratitude for the gift itself. People are but the channels, not the source. Some dedicate themselves to becoming better channels and that’s a laudable goal. Learn what you can from those that do, as that is the job they signed on for. But know, always, there is no one outside yourself to be the gatekeeper for YOUR spiritual connection. Own it.

It’s a harder path, to do this kind of work. The responsibility is much higher, hence potential Karmic repercussions if you don’t do it to the best of your ability or allow yourself to become seduced by the idea that you’re “oh-so-special.” SPIRIT is special. The people who share it are mirrors, not to be mistake for the actual light. Being a mirror is an important job that has a lot of potential impact. Perform it with a true heart and you’re turning up the blessings for many.

What do you find important to look for in Spiritual teachers?

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  1. I look for someone who can say “I don’t know.” I want them to own that they’re teaching their own truths/opinions/history and that it’s not the end all and be all. And if I get even an inkling that someone thinks of themselves as “enlightened,” I run for the hills.

    1. That’s funny, cj. I used to have the same yardstick for measuring technical competence. I never trust a tech person who cannot freely say, “I don’t know.” NOBODY knows it all. :computer:

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