February 22

Tower Rx: Kinda Messy


The last couple of months, it’s felt like slow motion to me in a lot of respects. The surgery recovery has hampered my movement a lot. The pain meds slow down my brain. (Still getting good feedback on sessions, though. Pain meds are pretty Neptunian, after all.) I’m making some progress in healing and putting weight on the injured leg. But it’s so slow!!

As much as this does not delight all my Virgo, I am where I am at, so that is where I greet you from.

Hello!, from Dixie in slowville! 

Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s kind of the vibe for this week overall, too.  And I am going to keep it brief so I can (slowly) work on other stuff as well.

This Week in the Cards

(I’m not calling it next week because it is this week!) Outlook is the Reversed Tower, with advice from the Five of PentaclesLegacy of the Divine deck pictured here.

Disruptions. Expect them to feel bigger than they may turn out to be ultimately. Especially be aware what isn’t real or true will probably out itself in the process.

For advice? Help is available if you ask. You might not feel it otherwise. And you might not want to ask. But try to anyway. I get it. I hate to ask for help and lately, it seems it’s all I’m doing. But you do what you need to do. 

How are you all doing out there?

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