May 7

Think Tarot is a crock? Note to the Woo-Woo Haters


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What follows is a rant, directed to no one in particular.

So you think Tarot–or astrology, or runes, chakras, Reiki, magic spells, whatever–is utter bullshit? Okay. That’s nice.

Whaddya want, a cookie?

You find it obviously silly? Fair enough. I used to think the same thing. Most people do.

Of course, “most people” used to think the sun obviously revolved around an obviously flat Earth. “Most people” have drawn a lot of obvious conclusions over the centuries–conclusions where “most people” were eventually found to be fabulously wrong.

I believe in the mystical worlds not because I’m immune to reason, but because reasoning tells me I do not know everything! So I must experiment to determine truth, as best as I can understand it. Maybe my understanding of the mechanics are undoubtedly incomplete and faulty, my conceptual framework at times lacking. But my observations are unequivocal.

I believe for one reason and one reason only: I’ve seen it work.

Idiocy to me is accepting mainstream merely because it is mainstream. Idiocy is denying my experience of reality because “most people” haven’t actually taken a look. I’m very grateful I was humble enough to seek truth instead of continuing to be “right” according to most people.

I don’t want to argue with anyone. Hell, I don’t even need faith in what I do to help you, if you’re interested in considering the advice such tools can help me access. The wisdom itself is the real gift, not how one gets it. To me, it’s asinine to set aside useful truth because you’re not a fan of the process used to ascertain the truth.

But regardless, fighting with haters over what’s real is a waste of energy that could be used for something productive and I’m not interested in wasting my energy. It’s damn precious.

I don’t seek the world’s approval. I’ve got enough Aquarius, I don’t need it! Thank the Gods.

What I do seek, though, is respect…just enough respect that if someone finds what I do distasteful, they’ll be polite enough to keep it to themselves. And I’ll keep most of my opinions of those opinions to myself. That’s my end of the bargain, and some days I can promise you, I’m not getting the best end of that deal.

What do you do with people who want to argue?

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  1. Love this, Dixie! When possible, I try to ignore it. Otherwise, I explain that I don’t need their permission or agreement. Just like they don’t need mine.

  2. You’ve got my respect! You confirm the validity of unseen knowledge on a daily basis by being so darn accurate.

    Whome/dixiblog/domains/ takes it upon themselves to criticize this type of spiritual belief would probably not dream of confronting traditional world religions, which don’t exactly don’t conform to scientific scrutiny. Science will soon catch up to YOU.

    Sorry somebody was an idiot. You know we love you!!!

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