March 19

Spring Cleaning Yourself a Void


Y’all know how I talk about my 3-times rule, right? Something hits my radar three times in a short span, I pay attention. Right now, it’s Spring cleaning.

Kind of metaphorical, kind of literal. I don’t make a clear distinction, you know? Because that’s the magical world I live in.

Objects retain energetic vibrations. They carry echos of memory, past uses, the emotional environment. Energy sticks like a layer of reside. Think of this this way: when you get something new, shiny that you just love? You glow. You’re happy using it, and it glows.

After you’ve had it a while, and it’s not longer your “favorite,” or when you’ve replaced it with something that suits you better now, it doesn’t shine quite as bright. It’s not longer a match for where you are NOW. Not that it’s bad. Only not a match anymore. Maybe time to pass it on?

How do you think psychomotry works, man? Objects retain vibrations!

Or think of your favorite outfit, one you always feel lucky and confident wearing? Those emotions get imprinted in the material, like a layer of emotional residue. (In this case, nice residue! But it’s still cumulative.)

Words retain vibrations, even words set in the electronic mediums. So your old texts and emails? Yeah, they carry the energy they were sent or read with, still hanging around in your archives.

You want new flowers? Clear the old flowerbeds.

You want some new projects and adventures? Clear out your old ones. Finish them or let them go, but clear them out.

You want to let go of past relationships? Get rid of the words and physical objects that keep them fixed and present in  your life.

ANYTHING you don’t want in your life, get rid of it’s energy in all forms.

Anything new you want in your life, make a clean space for it.

Nature fills the void. But first, you must create the void, and allow it.

Have any voids to create?

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  1. I’ve been spring cleaning, too, Dixie! It sure feels good.

    One of my first metaphysical teachers said that we have to “make room for abundance.” It’s exactly what you just said.

  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! Firm believer in, and practitioner of, this!!!

    It’s pretty much an ongoing process with me though. Every time I get rid of a bunch, I become ready for another bunch to go.

    I love it!

  3. ARGH!!! I am trying to create the void but I feel more like I am emptying one void and filling another.

    Sorting and discarding many years of collected stuff is such a pain.

  4. I’m going over the bedroom closet and dressers again today! Time for another round of purging in that department!

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