July 2

Queen of Wands, Page of Wands Rx: Don’t Entertain Culties


My setting-boundaries muscles seem to be getting a workout. Necessary? Yes, absolutely. But sure not my idea of a good time.

Next week is kind of coming across like that to me.

Here’s hoping it’s just me projecting and most of you won’t have to deal with the same.

This Week in the Cards

The outlook this week is “Sharing” from the Osho Zen Deck, akin to the Queen of Wands—radiating warmth and leadership. The advice? “Playfulness” reversed, or the Page of Wands—suggesting a need for serious focus over lighthearted banter. Thor the Warrior Kitten is taking little interest, though.

There is definitely a sense of moving forward here. Expect people to be pushing their agenda, whether you’re particularly interested or not. People are likely to be loud, impassioned, and (maybe) wrong.

But looking at this advice? Set clear boundaries. This week, seriousness is your ally; jokes and subtle hints won’t cut it. Speak and act with clarity. If something isn’t working for you, don’t hesitate to step away.

Expect some true believers to show up this week. But remember—you don’t have to buy what they’re selling. Live your own truth and sidestep the nonsense.

Ready to shut the door?

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