August 15

Power of Spoken Words


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Words, once spoken, carry energy. Words carry energetic vibrations, as thoughts given greater substance. They can hang in a room, cut like a knife, soothe the soul, shut down, start up, ring in the ears or sear into the brain. The can destroy or inspire–or dissolve into nothingness–depending upon how they are used.

Loud, clear, well-thought-out words, spoken with clear intention, fueled with true emotion, wield the greatest power. There is a reason why magic includes spoken words.

Words expelled indiscriminately can drain power. Say “I’m gonna” but don’t repeatedly, those who know stop believing. Useless, trivial words about nothing can become so much static. Like currency, if you produce too much, it devalues what’s already in circulation. If you produce too little, there may not be enough to exchange for what you need or want.

Words are tools, best used with conscious intention. I drew “The Oath.”

  “The Oath is the testimony of the inner self. The value of the oath is not in it being sworn. Instead, its value lies in it being trusted by the people who receive it. This means that the oath can be relied upon because of the integrity of the person who swears the oath. The message of this card is to be worth of such trust by others.” –The Seekers Guide to the Hidden Path

What do you notice about the power of words?

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  1. I think words are among the most powerful tools we have, Dixie. Not to get all Biblical or anything, but I always remember this: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” Pretty powerful, huh? It certainly gives the Magician (mercury) a lot to work with and lends credence to him being the first person the Fool encounters. I wonder what the Magi said to the Fool? We create everything with our words, which can never be taken back. (And here I’ve gone and written these thoughts on my permanent record via your blog.)

  2. Recently, I started consciously making changes in how I use words, or rather, ~which~ words I use. I’m feeling the change in my days already. I’ve also adopted three words to focus on in the immediate future. We’ll see what unfolds as a consequence…

  3. I pay a lot more attention to the words I use on a regular basis than I used to, or at least try to do so. It does make a difference in my subjective experience, and not just mood. Even phrases of speech, I won’t say someone is “a pain in the neck” anymore. It’s like asking for a literal pain. You’d be surprised…I consider the words coming out of one’s mouth to be like a little magic spell…

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