July 8

Pain to Teach


What if you saw those who’ve been unkind to you as teacher and helpers who volunteered to share this life, undertaking the hardship inherent in living the shadow, for the express purpose of teaching you something you wanted to learn for your soul’s growth?

Would that change anything?

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Reincarnation, Spirit, Transitions

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  1. I’m not sure if I’m reading the question right but I don’t know how what I went through with a particularly unkind teacher could have benefited the growth of my soul honestly.

    He played a huge hand in altering my very circumstances.He made my school life worse,let people tease me mercilessly,was unkind to me in front of those very people,gave them more ammo.I ended up changing schools in part due to him.Then went on the rest of my life, I ended up dropping out of school,getting pregnant,married,divorced and so on..All of that stuff has helped shape who I am(which I’d like to think is decent lol) and that’s important to note but couldn’t I have had an equally enriching life if he would have helped me,instead of harmed and humiliated me and pushed me down that path even further?I don’t think it changes anything besides perspective.Though If the growth of my soul was dependent on me feeling such sorrow for so long,I guess it’s all good and I would feel some mercy toward him if he was dealing with that hardship.I don’t really know though,I can only hope the path that I’m on is the one I supposed to be on.

    1. Hi R, I know this reply may reach you at a weird time; three years later. But I just wanted to let you know that I feel you. I was mistreated at a very young age from my own family and that dramatically altered my path all the way to adulthood. It affected all areas of my life: career, money, relationships, personal growth. The ‘it might have been so different if’ do come back now and then. I do sometimes feel the pointlessness of the intensity of those life experiences (not all of it though.) However, the person that I am today is someone I would love to meet and have a relationship with – best friend, spouse, teacher, boss, mentor, stranger you approach for help, etc – because of the love and empathy and value that I can and want to give to others. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt that you are someone beautiful like that too. Hugs.

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