August 7

On Writing the Everyday Tarot Column


Tarot Scrapbook
I keep a Tarot scrapbook with symbolism and associations for reference in writing Everyday Tarot.

People ask pretty regularly about how I select cards for the Everyday Tarot forecast column. Some have wondered what I ask, or how I know what to write about on a given day.

“Boom…here is your coffee and head on a platter” —Jenn Hillman, on Everyday Tarot

I draw cards specifically for the column, and most of the time, I just ask for what we need that day as a collective. Sometimes, I’ll ask a different question, or look for clarification after an initial card if get the urge to do so. Some days, I’ll feel like grabbing a particular deck or doing a 3-card spread or whatever. In other words, I just go with whatever flow I’m feeling.

Most of the time, I’ll pull cards for a few days in a single sitting, and write about them in the order they were drawn. That’s also why you’ll often see the same deck a few days in a row. I slate them to publish in time for your morning coffee.

My main rule is that I can’t cop out or plead lack of inspiration–whatever I get is what I work with. I don’t always fully grasp how the energy may express or why certain ideas might be important, but I chalk that up to my own range of vision, not Tarot’s. It seems to work.

In fact, I often have little idea what I’m going to say until I’ve heard myself say it, or don’t retain all I’ve said until I go back and review it, in the context of the day’s experience. But to me, the most important part is letting the Tarot talk, and I think I capture it well enough for it to be useful.  That’s the goal, anyway.

Anything else you’re wondering about?

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  1. I’ve been trying to do a daily world reading for about the last week. It’s more of a personal exercise as I practice tapping the collective then finding Josi again. When the weekend came I was like..crap..cuz I don’t typically do online during the weekend. Never thought of doing it ahead of Duh!

    My question is, Why do readers so often post pictures of their cards? Is this important? I don’t because recently I pull cards and look at them, do the meditation thing and get my message and it becomes less and less about the actual card and more about the “hum” if that makes sense.

    1. Yeah, I understand what you’re saying, Josi. I mean, look at what I do. I pull the same cards over and over, both here and in readings for others. A card doesn’t just “mean” one thing all the time, or I wouldn’t be able to get what I needed to do the variety of stuff I do with ’em.

      The visual is especially important to me, though–first, I see different things in different renditions, and at different times. The stuff that pops at you is part of the message, and others can see stuff I don’t, so it’s more to work with. It’s like reading a natal chart. A list of the planets will never cut it for me, I have to see it. Someone else seeing the same chart will see something different in it, but it’s in the looking that it clicks.

      Hope you enjoy your exercise!

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