June 24

Misunderstanding the Voice in my Head


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Speaking of my invisible friends, it’s not always the case I  understand what they’re saying. I remember a few years ago, I was experimenting with better communicating.

“Please, give me guidance without me always asking first, okay? I might forget to ask when I need it. I might not know, but I want help. In advance. And louder! I want to hear it loud!” This is the kind of thing I was requesting, repeatedly.

I was out running errands, that day, when it came in. Getting into my car, I suddenly heard in my head, “LOCK DOORS! LOCK DOORS!”

“Oh my God. What does ‘LOCK DOORS!’ mean? I keep my car doors locked. Is somebody going to try and carjack me, or what?” It kept up, still loud.


What door, I wondered, and saw our front door at home. My daughter would be home from school by then, alone. Uhhhh….I called her on the phone.

“Do you have the front door locked?! Are you sure? Make sure. Right now. I don’t know what this is, but I’m hearing to keep the doors locked. Loud! So please go check it.” She did. My family is respectful of me, even if they don’t always see the same magic I do. Still, I didn’t want to overreact to a voice in my head–I hear they lock you up for that–but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit it was starting to freak me out.

It was confusing. There were no incidents that night–nobody tried to break in, no escaped convicts reported, nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, there was not clue one as to why I’d pick up that signal. I felt a little disappointed, figuring I must have misfired it somehow.

That is, until the next day. My daughter and I were going out, but were delayed because I accidentally locked the keys in the house.

Ohhhhh….locked doors. Okay, that was loud and clear. I just missed it like a big, red brick upside my head. And how funny is it that my locking us out of the house was already set enough in motion I could have been warned about it the day before? That amazes me. All of it does, really. I hope it never stops.

Do you get heads up’s? And do you “get it” when you do?

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  1. Ha Ha… I have been there Dixie. So many times.. the hindsight tells you what they are talking about. I tend to laugh when I get though getting it before this time would be nice. I ask for complete clarity of all messages now. Like complete sentences… none of these wimpy phrases. Now they were laughing. All in the game of Life. have a great weekend, Dixie

  2. Dixie, this just cracked me up!!!

    Drives me wild when I hear something, and run around like a chicken, trying to figure out what it is.
    The opposite (kind of) for me is when I know something intense is happening, and I can’t “hear” what it is. I have to give up, and figure I’ll know when I need to.
    Then there’s the times you hear that really tiny voice whispering, ignore it, and then something happens. I want to kick myself, but am constantly reminded it’s just a learning process.
    So I laugh at myself – what else are ya gonna do??

  3. I do have a voice in my head. When it’s out of nowhere and insistent I pay attention. This voice is very clipped and blunt at times, helps me out driving with commands like: “Get away from that car!” or “Move to the other lane.”

    I’m just now getting the hang of other messages and discerning them from my own thought processes.

    Great post, love the Woo Woo!

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