October 22

Law of Attraction and Blame the Victim?


Law of Attraction Bad Things and Good People?
What do you see?

One of the more troubling questions when considering a Law of Attraction worldview is when things don’t go right. What if you haven’t manifested up yourself a reliable car or the perfect home base or trustworthy relationships or whatever it is you want, maybe after years of trying? What if, to put in bluntly, one or many parts of your life sucks?!

I mean, if I create my life and my life ain’t what I want it to be, doesn’t that imply I’m broken? Life sucks = me sucks? Which means I feel crummy about inferior performance in thinking perfect happy-thought-reality-making-beams, leaving me with even lamer thoughts until lo and behold, I now know I’m an utter loser! (Don’t interrupt Virgo hopped on the Guilt Trip Express, man. You’ll just get run over.) Vibration raising fail!

And then you’ve got to account for the whole crappy things happening to good people thing, or when something tragic happens to an infant or whatever. Occurrences clearly outside the range and focus of personal vibration. I mean, we can decide this must be a “soul contract,” a decision before incarnation to include certain touchstones in a lifetime to grow or serve in a certain way. But it’s not completely satisfying. And you still can’t help but feel unsettled, wondering if any of the crappy you’ve had in your life came from you somehow or somewhere along the way–an indication you’re not whole somehow?

I think some of the difficulty comes in seeing pleasant occurrences as good and hence, reward, painful as punishment. That’s over simplistic. So Old Testament, you know? We get a lot of useful growth from pain. It’s like Universal homework. We become better people through our pain, a lot of the time. It grants us access to perspectives and depth of understanding that we wouldn’t be privy to else wise. I’m not saying I won’t duck it if I have the chance. Hell yeah! But given a choice of paying the price and doing without, most of the time, I’d opt to pay my admission again if that’s what the knowledge cost.

Everything that comes in your life, you get something from it. Every bit of experience feeds you SOMETHING. Some experience tastes better than others, so we learn to steer our vibrational rate to up the percentage of desserts to bitter roots, you know? That sounds reasonable to me.

But beyond that…the vibration frequency you have, that’ the world you live in, you know? You carry it with you, you feel it whether it’s there or not. It becomes a larger part of your everyday experience. Over time, others that match that frequency will be drawn to you. That’s the range things will feel most comfortable in, for all sides. It’s like everybody is dancing to the same tune…a synchronicity. Energetic alignment is magnetic.

And as you keep expecting the same, consciously or not, the list of reasons to expect it continues to rack up. Empirical evidences accrues to support your reality. Vicious circle if you want to trade realities.

But you can call off the pity party. No point of teeth-gnashing regret. That feeds the energy you want to oust. Look to clear out the fears that are hiding underneath, whatever lurks below ground that you don’t want to keep in your experience. Cleaning house gives you a smooth, easy energy flow.

The gift with clearing those blocks, shaking out the fears, is that you instantly get protection. It provides relief. You don’t have to struggle to keep unpleasant thoughts at bay.When you’re relaxed and thinking clearly, your channel is clear. You can trust your gut. When there’s something you need to know, you will. And you’ll be turned off, warned, repelled by or otherwise separated from those who’s vibration doesn’t match yours. Severely mismatched energy is jarring and uncomfortable.  Energetic ties aren’t being formed. It’s not sticking to you! It loses it’s power when you can detach and instead,  and makes room for what feeds you instead. Faith takes over.

Change the inside, change the outside. Heal and be healed. The “who started it?” question isn’t especially relevant. Just keep growing. That’s what this Earth gig is all about.

What do you think?

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  1. I think that’s one of the best articles you’ve ever written, Dixie.
    THAT’S what I think!


    A dozen roses for you!


  2. Love the Horsehead Nebula…

    I see a lady dancing, kind of arching back with hair flowing down… feeling joy and gratitude.

  3. Interesting Dixie, synchronicity at work…I watched “The Secret” last night…ordered a few books by the author whose work you mentioned a few columns ago…it led me to watch “The Secret” and here you are speaking of the Law of Attraction with your own beautiful spin…I’m with you sister and I love your way…I saw a beautiful woman similar to a horse as well with small fairy like creatures in front of her face…windblown hair and flowing clothing and very free and joyful…yes, lessons are here and life continues after…the best we can do is our best and I keep reading about focusing on gratitude…I think the message has finally reached me…love your work…keep shining

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