November 18

Just this side of crazy…


It’s the funniest thing, being in the line of work I’m in…reality isn’t always exactly…”clear cut,” for want of a better descriptive phrase. Stuff I thought I knew without a doubt, two years ago, one year ago? Well, not so much. Because by God, as soon as I’m 100% sure I’ve got it sewn up, smack! Experience pops up to show me otherwise. I’ve been humbled repeatedly on this front, enough to come to expect it.

Dixie thinks she knows how this world works? Time for a shake-up, Universe!

Some are perfectly at home with this. I know, because I’ve asked! (Still not entirely sure if they are comfortable with the phenomena, or feel like they have things more figured out than I do.)

It can be a bit disorienting for me. I get peeved, when people act like belief in the power of what I do for a living makes you a patsy, a fool, an idiot. It makes me angry. I mean, okay, so it doesn’t fit into your reality. Fair enough, don’t accept it! But why belittle those who’s experience runs contrary?

That line of thought works for me until I hear something that–to me–sounds CRAZY!

Uh oh.

I cringe. I cringe because it’s off-putting to me. I cringe because I feel like it makes me look bad indirectly, as being part of the group overall who preaches the non-traditional. I cringe because I wonder if I’m going to be proven wrong sooner or later and have to eat my declarations of, “That’s ridiculous!” I cringe because perhaps it is, indeed, crazy. I cringe for myself and I cringe for the person making the declaration.

I know there is a whole lot more magic out there than I have learned. I’m still working on figuring out the part of it I can find time and energy for to cram into this lifetime, man.

And really? I hate to say it. But some of y’all really are crazy!

Does your definition of “crazy” shift? Does that bother you?

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  1. I have given some thought to what passes as normality/sanity in today’s world and I have determined that I want very litte to do with it.

    If what is normal is sane and what is abnormal is crazy then I guess that makes me crazy for sure.

    I think I’m in very good company.

  2. I think we all have to go a little crazy to stay mostly sane. :silly:
    Over the past 3 years, I have also taken into my life many things I would have considered looney toony before, but also, the things I deem… well “a little too far out”… I don’t dismiss them outright, but simply put them on the back burner. I too have learned that never say anything is impossible, cuz the Universe has quite a sense of humor, and loves to prove you wrong! :rotfl: So, while I keep a respectful distance from some issues, I just can’t write ’em off, or look down on them, cuz… who knows? ya know? lol

    Also, you are talking to the person here who thinks The Tower card is pretty cool and doesn’t mind seeing it come up.

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