June 23

Invisible Friends and The Voices in Your Head


Spiritual Invisible Friends
Invisible friends or Spirit Guides? 

The Cloud Spirit story reminded me of more bits and pieces from childhood I’d dismissed as I grew up, just not thinking a lot about it anymore. Looking at it now, it does make me wonder…As the youngest, my brothers all at least five years older than me, I spent a lot of time alone. More or less, that is. The chorus in my head kept me good company!

I had an invisible friend, for example, who lived in a little purple key-chain that was shaped like a chandelier crystal. All I had to do was look through it and see the prism of light to call her up. We had long conversations, the two of us, and she would always come to visit when I was lonely. She was friendly and fun, always interested in what I had to say.

I also frequently had conversations in my head. I’d address comments to absent friends, telling them what I’d say if they were with me, and listening to what they’d say back. I could (and did) go on for hours this way–I never grew tired of it. The answers I got seemed as real to me as the ones I would have gotten had my friends been there.

In retrospect, it kind of makes me wonder…maybe my invisible friends were realer than I gave them credit for. Maybe they are still there–they just don’t talk as loud when you quit listening so much. Maybe I should see about reconnecting with some of them. Who knows what they may have to say now?

Did you (or do you) have any invisible friends?

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Spirit Guides

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  1. uh….lol
    I might have a few invisible friends.
    Dove, has been with me the longest. I think she has been my friend since birth, but we would have to ask her because I can’t remember that far back

  2. Wow. We’ve finally come to the point where we can admit this, huh?

    I talked to people all the time as a child. Sometimes I knew who they were – they were people on this plane of existence. Sometimes I didn’t know them. But I did it all my life, and knew to not say a word when my life combusted in my early 20’s. I was close enough to being committed as it was.

    It wasn’t until I took shamanic training classes that I realized I really WAS talking to people. And guess what? They HEAR me! What an Ah-HA! moment that was.

    I still do. All the time. And I’m sure, if people heard me doing it, they would think I was nuts. Important thing is, I know I am. LOLOL!
    No, seriously, I know I’m OK!!! And I have people in my life who know I’m talking to them, even tho they aren’t with me. And they talk back!

    What a grand place this is, Dixie. Thank you for making this space.

    1. Well, I don’t know that everybody has come to that point, where they can talk about it, but I sure the heck am! I am figuring this out, one little bit at a time.

      And am glad you like it here.

  3. Yay! Yes, Dixie, thank you for this space! I really resonate with your story. I was the youngest of 3 older brothers, too, and spent most of my time alone, closed up in my room, chatting with the “invisibles.”

    Yep, I too had (and still have) invisible friends. Used to really freak my Mom out because these friends would tell me things that would then actually happen, or they would tell me things that little kids weren’t really supposed to know. As you can guess, I learned very early on to keep these things to myself.

    And I would talk to and listen to animals, too. That also freaked people out.

    Back then I was made to feel like a misfit and like there was something wrong with me. But now I understand what a fantastic gift that was and still is!

    I don’t hear them as loudly as I did when I was little, but they’re still there, and we still talk. Sometimes I think they’re the only ones who really “get” me! LOL

    1. I got the idea of what I wasn’t supposed to talk about, too, and adhered. The problem was I accepted it as right, I think. It’s taken me a really long time to question so much of this.

      Thank God I am, though! And glad to hear I’m not alone here.

  4. Guess I’ll be the odd one out and say no, I don’t remember doing this.

    That said, I remember very very little of my childhood.
    Hmm… maybe I should be exploring that.

    1. Don’t feel bad, Korellyn. It’s only been very recently that I’ve started to think of my invisible friends as anything more than an overactive imagination.

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