April 10

Intuition Tip: Staying in the Flow


Wonder how to know if you’re “in the flow,” working with the energetic trends (either at large or within yourself) instead of trying to swim against the tide? It’s not too hard to tell!

How do you know if you’re “in the flow?”

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  1. Dixie! I’m in tears here…your videos are captioned! I’m struggling right now so badly, and I fired up my headphones and decided to go for it, altho I have avoided videos because they aren’t captioned. BAM. I adore you, and thank you for the words on this – I’m really having one hell of a time with all the Aries action sitting on my natal moon in the 8th house. Thank you more than I can say!!!

    1. Oh Kris, I’m so glad it’s helpful to you! All my newer videos are captioned manually, that’s a commitment I made recently. My older videos are not done yet, it will take some time for me to work through them because I have to go in one at a time to do them. Basically I started routinely captioning in February.

      1. Don’t strive for perfect, Dixie. I’ve been using closed captioning on our TV for at least the last nine years – those of us who need it learn to interpret things pretty well. Sometimes watching Law & Order SVU is like learning to read Armenian or something.

        1. The auto captions are beyond useless IMO. At best they are good for a laugh. I know it makes the videos accessible to a whole group that often misses out, if they are relying on autocaptions, so I feel good about doing them. And it’s a great way for me also to sharpen my communication skills and probably will help YouTube understand what my content is about at the same time. So it’s very win-win-win.

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