July 18

Ignoring Spirit Messages? I try.


Ignoring Spiritual Messages
I don’t want to hear it! 

Sometimes, I just don’t want to hear it. “La-la-la-la-laaaaa!”

Like a week or two ago, I got an email that I didn’t want, addressing a situation that I’d prefer to erase. Easier, less painful that way. I don’t want to even go there.

Except it came in, from a cell phone, in a batch of 3 copies sent at exactly the same time. Crap. It triggered my “three times and it’s official” rule, and I KNEW it wasn’t accidental. As soon as I saw the three copies in my inbox, I got immediate goosebumps.

That’s another one of my triggers, the goosebumps. I get them when it’s something important to pay attention to. It’s like a poke, drawing my attention and confirming the message, “Hey Dixie! Your ass should be paying attention now.”

“Damn it!” I said to myself.  I did listen. I managed it, but it took me a few days to be capable of hearing it. That’s how long it took, for my emotions to simmer down enough.

The latest message I’m avoiding is one I’ve put off for a LONG time now…that I need to clean out my house. Not clean like vacuum, but go through belongings, dig through closets and under beds and in cabinets. And remove whatever doesn’t fit anymore. But my monkey mind with it’s monkey schedule can always find a million and two things more pressing, more appealing, and just more compelling.

It’s coming. I know better than to fight it, and yet, I still do. I just know it’s going to shake a lot of stuff loose–like maybe something I didn’t even know was in my head and/or energy field–and while I want the benefit, the impact, well…the process is just not so very appealing. Le sigh.

Do you ignore your messages? For how long and to what ends?

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  1. Well, I’ve been known to ignore messages! But a couple of years ago, I narrowly avoided BIG trouble when I didn’t listen, and since then, I try hard to listen and then follow through. And at this point, I’m darn happy to get a message to follow through on! The last couple of months I feel like I’ve been floundering badly, so messages I get at this point that I know are clear and right? I jump right on them. (Which may have been part of the point of the last 8 weeks or so.)

  2. Messages? What messages? ha ha. I tend to do some of that procrastination stuff, like writing and publishing my book(s) and use that perfectionism as the excuse. I got this perfect layout for this book… oh yea…and I want to do this and this … wait, what if I do this? wow. And the idea games continue. Now stopping and actually working on the books. I got five in the works in various states.
    Then there is the website(s). Interesting things are multiples. Ah those messages keep coming in and I am slowly getting it done. Really!

  3. That’s one helluva message for you, wow. Good luck clearing your stuff. Afterward I wonder what new and wonderful things will pop up for you?

    Yea, I’ve been ignoring a few and was feeling discouraged, but got a strong reminder today. I bought my morning ‘coffee’ (red bull) to wake up and took a detour through a neighborhood I rarely traverse to drink at my leisure. Came up to a stop sign and had a good chuckle, some prankster spray-painted Don’t STOP Believin’ on the sign. Hahaha The City or a concerned citizen painted over don’t and believin’ with red, so it wasn’t immediately noticeable. A very clear, welcome sign.

  4. I get the goosebumps too and feel the same way about them! cool!
    Anyhow, yeah, if you are open to receiving you have to take the bad news too. Although, like you I’m like..DONT TELL ME THAT! sometimes. Even though I don’t want to hear it, it’s always true. The signal to me is “you can proactively address this or the universe is going to address it for you” and I’ve found being proactive about it is usually much easier. Not painless mind you. But it is the path of least resistance.

    Right now, I’m being assisted by a vow of “i’m not running from problems anymore. I’m not denying CRAP! And if you aren’t willing to face them too then get..out..of..my..way..darnit.” Which is kinda drawing this stuff out in the open. It’s shocking the crap out of my current relationships because it is a distinct change in behavior and people are like “what the heck is wrong with her.’

    what’s wrong with me? Nothing. I feel more free than I have in forever. And, I’ve unearthed and thrown away some pretty heavy stuff. I’m sorry if it affects those around me, but maybe if they quit taking the victim stance they might learn something too. But I’m just guessing.

    1. I will bear that in mind, Caroline. Just because it’s a lot doesn’t mean I have to do it all at once. Appreciate the dose of Zen there. :yinyang:

  5. Josi – You rock!

    Yeah, I try to ignore it sometimes. And when I’ve ignored it long enough, I usually end up learning the difference between a gentle tap on the shoulder and a brick to the head. Ow.

  6. I’ve been hearing a similar message, Dixie! It’s always so easy to find a distraction (yes!) but I’m feeling motivated. I want to lighten the load because I do believe the state of our home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_htmls (e.g. clutter) reflects the state of our minds and lives. If I needed to move in a matter of days or weeks, it would be so freeing just knowing I could (even if I don’t move for 10 years!). If anybody wanted to drop in on me, it would again feel so freeing to know that they could at any time without me running around like a crazy person. Let me know if it’s okay to post a book recommendation here because I’ve read a great one on clutter and feng shui that I’d love to share with you.

    1. Sure, Linda. I’m happy for people to share stuff that is helpful to them. I’m not likely to object unless we’re into spammy stuff. Like the person that wanted me to link their psychic hotline affiliate page, for example. That’s not cool. But a great resource that you found useful? Please do.

  7. I have no affiliation with this book other than I like it. It’s called CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER WITH FENG SHUI by Karen Kingston. She compares clutter to stuck energy and explains how it has far-reaching effects in all aspects of our lives, why we keep clutter, and how to clear clutter from body, mind, and spirit.

  8. I used to ignore my messages. The consequences were so painful that I don’t do it anymore. Facing the truth is always easier in the long run. I guess I’ve gotten more practiced at it, because I don’t do it any more.

  9. On the other hand, when it comes to love, I still have a hard time hearing the messages and implementing stuff… Now that I think about it.

  10. I’ve been feeling the push to declutter as well. It’s still going on! I’ve managed to clear out a number of closets, drawers and bookshelves, and *GASP* there is still more to go. Feeling lighter every day tho!

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