June 16

Haphazzard Magic


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Haphazzard Witch?

I like to mark astrological events like the eclipse we just had–really, any moon activity. Since the moon is watery, it’s going to impact emotions, psychic work, creativity and manifesting. Under the right astrological weather, it’s easier to tap into the flow. It’s like the difference between swimming with versus against the current. You’ll get further swimming with, so I try to be mindful.

But since I’m not well-versed in witchcraft, and I used to think I couldn’t do any magic work to maximize these occassions, lest I inadvertently caused some kind of harm, messing about in forces I knew little about.

Until one day it occurred to me–what is magic work if not working with energy? Regardless of the tools you use, you’re still focusing intent and channeling energy toward that intention? I do that all the time, reading Tarot! I do that when I’m pray before a reading, when I envision light charging my body and cards, when I send out love and light for healing. Heck, I successfully perform magic all the time!

Besides–I think any spiritual endeavor should be joyous, and it’s hard to feel joy if you’re worrying about causing harm. So I ask for protection first–I pray, and often include the bit of Wiccan Rede: “An’ ye harm none, so mote it be.” Asking the source for guidance, for all things in the highest good of all concerned. Spiritual malpractice insurance. I ask for (and trust I’ll receive) exactly what I need. That makes it very simple.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy learning more about it. I do! But now, the learning is an adventure instead of a duty that must be fulfilled. It is a lot more fun that way.

Do you work magic? Do you think it works?

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  1. Hippocratic Oath, “First do no harm” You can never go wrong as you carry that in your heart no matter what you do.

  2. Well, I didn’t start doing it on purpose. I don’t call it magic. I call it working with energy. Any tool I can use to focus upon works. Does it work, heck yeah it does.

  3. I have that book! I love it.

    I told my pastor as a young, Baptist-raised child that prayer was magic. He gently informed me that magic was evil, practiced by witches. He said prayer was talking to God.

    I corrected him (I have always corrected adults. It drove my family nuts.) that talking was magic. I opened my mouth and pushed the words from my mind into sound that went from me to him. Any time I made something happen, just because I wanted it to was magic.

    I know now the term I wanted was energy work for those uncomfortable with the magic tag.

    I told one Christian that even if her god did create everything, then magic was simply utilizing a system he put in place and Christians were silly to boycott that particular program. She now calls me to check up on the Universe and scoffs at those “old school fear” other Christians bring up when she mentions consulting a witch.

    1. Isn’t it a great book? Was a gift and I love it. And that is an awesome story! But I’m not sure how much more respect “energy work” will get you than the “magic” label–evidently some. Maybe it’s less scary, I dunno. I just know I like calling it magic and believing in it.

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