July 27

Getting Started with Ganesha


If you’ve considered expanding your spiritual practice to deity but don’t know where to start, Ganesha would be a great choice. He’s very kind and mild-mannered. Even if you think of deity as nothing more than fancy energetic thought forms, because he’s worshiped by millions of people world wide, he’s got some magical juice for sure! You don’t have to be Hindu to dig the elephant-headed lord, man.

He’s known as remover of obstacles. He holds an axe to release attachments, and a rope to help pull us nearer to our highest goal. His big belly allows him to peacefully digest both the good and bad of life. He’s sometimes shown with the mouse of desire, which he keeps small and tame so that he can ride it instead of being ruled by it. He’s the God of luck, prosperity and abundance. Who could not use more of that?

You can print out an image or buy a small statue of him. Leave him offerings of food or milk. (Oranges or chocolate are popular.) After he’s had time to extract the essence of your offering, you can also eat the food, now blessed to share in his blessings. People sometimes write out petitions to him and leave them under his statue or behind his picture.

Here’s an explanation of one his mantras, which is an especially good way to connect with him. It’s traditionally recited 108 times. (And  here, it’s presented 108 times by one HAPPY yoga teacher.)

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  1. :0 you have discovered my Moon Void workaround! I have a lovely Ganesha throw in my living room, and some windchimes
    (somewhere hiding). Fabulous post!

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