August 8

Foolish Friends: My Interview in Theresa Reed’s “Talkin’ Tarot”


Talkin' Tarot with Theresa Reed Interview

I’ve been a fan of Theresa Reed’s straight-talk-keeping-it-real attitude for some time now; I’d run across her work occasionally over the years, but really plugged in when I started following her on Twitter.  She clearly knows her stuff.

As I got my own woo-woo web presence underway a couple years back, I found Theresa’s generosity in supporting talented peers a great example of values I wanted to embody in my own work. There are so many inspiring folks in this field! I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know Theresa a little since then via online community, and she’s been every bit as delightful as she comes across from her work.

So you can imagine how honored I was to be interviewed for her “Talkin’ Tarot” feature this month. Check it out here.

And if you leave a comment, be sure to tell Theresa I sent ya!

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  1. I have. I was a member of a tarot forum, and following blogs, before I joined the blog at which I first saw you posting.

  2. Dixie! The link just comes right back here! Or maybe my browser is broken : /

    I can see the link in the [whatever the hover thingy is] – going that way!

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